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Welcome to Jim’s Dive Service, your home for complete underwater maintenance. We are based in New Port Richey, Florida, serving most coastal areas in Pasco and Hernando County on the west coast of Florida. Our goal is to offer a variety of services that keep your boats running smoothly and efficiently by providing continuous care of the bottom of your boat. Regular hull cleanings help maintain maximum boat speed, minimize fuel consumption and most importantly can save you costly haul out fees, due to excess marine growth on your hull and running gear.

Boat owners take pride in their boats above the waters surface, and we take pride in maintaining your boat with our experienced divers who service your boat below the surface.

Jim’s Dive Service will give you peace of mind by keeping your boat hull properly maintained and alerting you to possible problems you would not see yourself. We can inspect the hull of your boat and provide video which is helpful for negotiating on the purchase of a used boat.

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